Our Story

From humble beginnings to one of Asia’s most influential brands, NaRaYa was founded in 1989 by two founders who had a vision in bringing Thai products to the global stage. Over time, NaRaYa's renown grew due to its outstanding craftsmanship and uniquely designed handbags made from various types of fabrics. Rooted in a rich heritage of over 33 years, NaRaYa Silk is born.


At NaRaYa Silk, we strive to create high-quality silk products at affordable prices for everyone. Our inspiration comes from people with common interests and the same love for a timeless piece. We produce items from ready-to-wear clothing to accessories where every piece is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans from rural provinces in Thailand and are specially designed for everyday wear. At NaRaYa Silk, we are proud of our pursuit in bringing Thai products to the global stage, creating true value and strength for the sustainability of our people.